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"Daughter" Has a Story to Tell

Another word which demonstrates that we’re not as different as you think. My favorite, Celtiberian, was the language spoken in Northeastern Iberia prior to the arrival of the Scipios, and Latin, after the Second Punic War.

In the Celtiberian word, I’ve included the article, as it looks suspiciously like the articlulo salat used in Gironese and Mallorquin. We know how Dutch arrived to South Africa, but do we know how Celtiberian arrived to the North?

Modern English Daughter

Old English Dohter

Gothic Dauhtar

Sanskrit Duhitar

Swedish Dotter

Afrikaans Doghter

Danish Datter

Dutch Dochter

German Tochter

Yiddish Ditokhter

Luxembourgish Duechter

Lithuanian dukte

Icelandic dóttir

Celtiberian Sa duater


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