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English Words of Sanskrit Origen

Sanscrit is an Indic language with 3,500 years of history. It was the lingua franca of ancient and medieval India. It is one of the oldest known members of the Indo-European family of languages.

Aryan (Arya-s "noble, honorable"),

Aubergine (vātigagama),

Avatar (avatāra),

Bandana (bandhana, "a bond"),

Buddha (buddha, "awakened, enlightened"),

Candy (khaṇḍakaḥ, from khaṇḍaḥ, piece, fragment),

Cheetah (chitra-s "uniquely marked"),

Guru (guru-s, "a teacher"),

Jungle (jangala, which means "arid"),

Mugger, (makara, a"sea creature", like a crocodile, which attacks stealthily.

Nirvana (nirvanas – exhaling, blowing out)

Orange (naranga-s),

Pepper (pippali – long pepper),

Rice (vrihi-s),

Shampoo (f/Hindi champo, in turn f/Sanskrit capayati, which means "kneads"),

Sugar (sharkara, “grit” or “gravel”)

Swastika (svastika - "one associated with well-being, a lucky charm", resembling the sun)


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