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The Long Voyage of “Father”

The translation of this word into various languages is not quite what you would expect.

Modern English Father

Old English Fader

Old Norse Fathir

Icelandic Fathir

Norwegian Far

Old Irish Athir

Modern Irish Athair

Scots Gaelic Athair

Basque Aita

Gothic Atta

Welsh Tad

German Vater

Dutch Vader

Latin Pater

Greek Pater

Sanskrit Pitar

Hindi Pita

Galician Pai

Portuguese Pai

French Père

Catalan Pare

Spanish Padre

Italian Padre

Corsican Babbu

Albanian Babā

Persian Baba

Turkish Baba

Nepali Buba

Zulu Ubaba

Hebrew Abba

Aramaic Abba

Hungarian Apa

Somali Aabe

Mongolian Aab

Romanian Tata

Bulgarian Tate

Latvian Tevs

Lithuanian Tevas

Bosnian Otac

Croatian Otac

Serbian Otac

Polish Ojciec

Russian Otets

Maltese Missier

Georgian Mama


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