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We Dedicate Thor's Day to Thunder

In honor of today, Thor’s day, I'm posting about thunder. The Celtic god of thunder was called Taranis and as you can see this is reflected in Cornish, Breton, Irish and Scots Gaelic.

The god of thunder in Romanic culture was Jupiter, or in Latin: Iuppiter in classical Latin and Iovis (Jovis) in Old Latin. Thursday also happens to be Jove's Day in Spanish and Catalan. The Greek equivalent of Jove is Zeus.

The Latin word for Thursday was Dies Joves, which has survived in Spanish as Jueves and in Catalan as dijous (which also happens to be Thursday in Occitan). In the spirit of unanimity, we dedicate Thursday to thunder.

English Thunder

Anglo-Saxon Thunor

Old Norse Thorr

Icelandic Thruma

Old Frisian Thuner

Frisian Tonger

Danish Torden

Dutch Donder

Afrikaans Donderweer

German Donner

Yiddish Duner

Swedish Tordón

Persian Tundar

Galician Trono

Spanish Trono

Italian Tuono

Basque Trumoi

Catalan Tron

Welsh Taranau

Cornish Taran

Breton Taran

Old Irish Torann

Scots Gaelic Tàirneanach

Irish Toirneach

Latin Throno

French Tonnerre

Proto-Celtic Toranos


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